Click here to see all my unique ring designs. You have been looking for the right ring for a while now. Something out of the ordinary - not elaborate or fancy, but earthy, organic, rustic. Something handmade and artistic that fits your personal sense of style, and dare I say it, that speaks to your heart. How could a piece of jewelry do this? A unique ring made by hand, with love and soul poured into every step of the process, is the ring that you have been searching for. Now it is your turn to own a beautiful piece of wearable art made by tinahdee just for you. Or for the both of you as you take a step into a lifelong commitment - my unique wedding rings and commitment rings are just what your heart was searching for. You are the one who knows what you want, and you want something out of the ordinary. You don't need a sales associate in a chain jewelry store to tell you what you need. You know yourself better than anyone.

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