I didn't realize how wildly popular jewelry was with the world (let alone handmade rings!) until I opened my first store on Etsy. To be honest, if i had known how many creators were out there making jewelry and trying to sell it, I wouldn't have even tried. But I went into it blindly out of the sheer love of making, without a thought for the vast competition I was about to face. I didn't even notice the naysayers until much later! (You know, the ones who say, don't even try because there's just too much saturation in the handmade jewelry market.)

It didn't take long for me to discover ring making and I fell in love with it, I fell hard. There's just something special about rings as an adornment for our body. I think it is because we humans have a very intimate relationship with our hands... wow! Doesn't that just make your head spin? We use our hands in just about everything we do! So when we put a ring on our hand, it is something we will see hundreds of times in the course of the day. It is an object that we will feel. It is a piece of metal that others will notice as we extend a hand of greeting or a hand of assistance.

Unlike a necklace or earrings, a ring is perfectly fitted to the shape of your finger in just the right size. It is there for you to enjoy, whereas a necklace is seen by others. So a ring is a very personal and special piece of jewelry.

When I am making a ring for a client, a big chunk of my heart goes into it. A bunch of positive thoughts and energy and prayers go into the making of each piece. It is my privilege to be a part of such a special memory in your life. Will you let me create something unique for you?

 One of the trickier aspects of purchasing your custom made wedding rings, promise rings, engagement rings, or everyday wear rings, is finding the correct size. My blue plastic ring sizer takes the guesswork out of getting the right fit, saving you time and money and ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. Check out this video I made to help you figure out the perfect fit.

 tinahdee beautiful jewelry has been selected to gift a very special handmade ring set to celebrity Jenny McCarthy. The set, which includes two handmade rustic sterling silver bands and a narrow 14k gold filled stacker, is personalized with Jenny's name and the name of her son, Evan Joseph. For more information about Jenny McCarthy: - for more information about tinahdee beautiful jewelry:

 I just uploaded a new how to video over at my YouTube channel. It took me a long time to figure out how to solder pattern wire cleanly and with a minimal seam. I'm showing you how to make it easier for you! 

Today I've added a new design - my new copper latitude longitude ring. Lat/long jewelry is popular and for good reason. It is an exquisite way to remember a special place, all in a somewhat cryptic little package that really only has meaning for you, and maybe one other special someone.... I can personalize your lat/long ring with any location you like, along with an additional secret inner personalization of up to 25 characters including spaces. And the ring can be made in any size you like. 

It's so cliche, but so true - each New Year brings with it the potential for great things. It's a time for new beginnings and for starting over. It's a beautiful blank page that you can fill with the desires of your heart. For me, the year 2012 brings with it a big milestone - my 50th birthday. That's not until December, but it gives me some pegs on which to hang my thoughts and focus my activities. There are some things I'd like to accomplish before the big 5-0 hits a little under a year from now.

One of those things is to continue to bring you the very best my heart has to offer in terms of what I call functional art - sterling silver and solid gold rings that are custom made for you by my hands. Moving my base of operations to this independent site is a very important part of that accomplishment.

I'm looking forward to all that 2012 has in store for us, and I hope you are too. What are you hoping to accomplish in this New Year?

tinahdee :)