One of the trickier aspects of purchasing your custom made wedding rings, promise rings, engagement rings, or everyday wear rings, is finding the correct size. My blue plastic ring sizer takes the guesswork out of getting the right fit, saving you time and money and ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. Check out this video I made to help you figure out the perfect fit.

 While traditional weddings are still popular, this year is bringing back vintage in a big way. Couples are scouring vintage shops and thrift stores for every detail of their ceremony, from the dress to the ring to the flatware. Rustic is also gaining ground, with some receptions being held in ranch houses or even barns with dirt floors and barefoot brides in white. Nature-themed weddings are also high on many lists with tree bark decor, feathers, and furry creatures. Other brides are opting for completely unique one of a kind ceremonies that would be hard to pin down with a specific theme. Check out this wedding ideas group on for some cool ideas.

Wedding details and ideas